8 Ways to Make Your PM Lifestyle Easier

This guest post is by Brad Egeland. It is hard enough managing projects. Projects fail at more than 50%. The project manager and team are constantly under pressure to deliver. Customer satisfaction is key. The executive team wants to see the project profit margin maximized or exceeded. The PMO director also wants full utilization of … Read more

8 Signs that you are already a project manager

Although you may not be aware of it, you may already possess the qualities of a great project manager. As a project manager, you are responsible for clear communication, flexibility, and teamwork. These are crucial to the success any project, no matter how extensive your PM experience. Are you unsure if your ability to manage … Read more

8 Steps to a Friendly and Warm On-Boarding Experience

Remote employees have many benefits. They can be less distracting, more productive, and have lower overhead. These benefits may not be realized if you don’t put your remote employees through a structured onboarding process that will make them feel included and engaged from Day 1. Many companies simply give new employees logins, introduce them briefly … Read more

8 Best Online Gantt Chart Software Solutions for 2020

Why project managers love gantt charts A gantt charts is a visual tool that allows you to track the progress of a project as well as all its tasks. It’s simply a bar chart that allows you to keep track your project. Gantt charts offer many benefits for project managers. Gantt charts make it simple … Read more

7 useful conference apps for managing productive meetings

Remote teams who don’t communicate face to face need meetings. However, without the right tools and guidelines to organize them, they can become a time-consuming nightmare. TeamGantt believes that time is precious and valuable. We schedule a company meeting once per month to check in and update on progress. It’s a great way to meet … Read more

Gantt Charts: How to Use Gantt Charts in Your Agile Project

The Agile method was created to address inefficiencies in traditional project management methods, such as the Waterfall, in the software development industry. Agile techniques might be useful for certain types of projects. There is no rule that says you have to choose one method and stay with it. Let’s look at the differences between Agile … Read more

How to use TeamGantt’s different project views

Planners have always loved gantt charts. We know that not everyone is a gantt chart enthusiast. TeamGantt created different project views to make it easier to get everyone on board with one tool. This allows you to keep track of project status without having to use multiple tools. Let’s look at the perspectives you have … Read more

How to turn boring meetings into productive discussions

For a moment, pretend you are me. Let’s pretend you called a status conference at work and invited your team. The meeting was scheduled for Tuesday at 3pm. You gave the meeting agenda to your team and explained the purpose of the meeting. Then you informed your staff that it was optional. What would happen? … Read more

How to turn a tense client conversation into a win-win situation

You’ve probably been in this position before. Things are awkward when you’re talking to a client on the phone. Project progress has been on track. Communication was going well until now. You were a great project manager. You executed tasks, sent deliverables, and satisfied every expectation. But then things started to fall apart. First, there … Read more

How to Get Your Team Remote as Quickly As Possible

Recent announcements by Google, Facebook and Amazon regarding their Seattle staff were made to prevent the spread (COVID-19) of coronavirus (COVID-19) was made. Perhaps you have been thinking about a remote work plan for yourself and your team, but aren’t sure where to begin. TeamGantt has been 100% remote for over ten years. It’s a … Read more