From Coding Dojo, Microsoft, and Boeing: How Programming Became Matthew Shim’s Passport to Working at The World’s Best Companies

Pre-Dojo: Engineer in Manufacturing He struggled to learn how to code on his terms After Dojo: A lifelong learning adventure Contributed to open-source projects and worked for Microsoft Currently, works as a Fullstack Software Development engineer at Boeing Program: Three bootcamps in Bellevue (WA) Testimonial: “Just persevere, believe in yourself, get rid of any mentality … Read more

How Online Alumni Lauren Babb Took A Leap to Change Her Career

Pre-Dojo: As a Care Specialist in an Orthopedic Surgeon’s Office Although she was unhappy in her job, she knew she had more to give the world. Tinkered with programming years ago, but needed guidance to make her career change. After Dojo: As a Software Developer at Simulation Dynamics, Inc. Learning how to be adaptable and … Read more

How Suzanne Allen Gained Confidence & a New Career

Pre-Dojo: You are looking to be challenged and have the opportunity to move up in your career. You were worried that a bootcamp wouldn’t give you enough credibility to get a job. As a Project Manager After Dojo: Confidence to solve any problem She dreams of leading her own team As a Customer Success Engineer … Read more

Penetration Testing: Protecting your Company the Right way

Share this post This is known as Penetration Testing or pen testing. Pen testing is like all security issues, there are both optimal and less-than-ideal ways to conduct pen tests. Cybercrime: The scope It seems like a daily occurrence that a major cybercrime report doesn’t dominate the news. But how big is the problem? Cybersecurity … Read more

Step-by-Step Guide to Windows Virtual Desktop Fall 2019 Release

Create a Tenant in Windows Virtual Desktop The first step in setting Windows Virtual Desktop up is to create a tenant. However, you should first examine your environment to ensure it meets the requirements outlined in the previous post. Verify your requirements Let’s begin with the infrastructure requirements. An Azure Active Directory You are good … Read more