8 Signs that you are already a project manager

Although you may not be aware of it, you may already possess the qualities of a great project manager.
As a project manager, you are responsible for clear communication, flexibility, and teamwork.
These are crucial to the success any project, no matter how extensive your PM experience.
Are you unsure if your ability to manage diverse teams and projects of any size and scope? Here are eight signs that you are a great project manager.
Sign #1: You take time to get to know your team.
It’s not about you and your workflow. It is important to communicate effectively with your project team to create a system that works for everyone.
You can get everyone to work together to achieve the goals and complete key tasks.
Sign #2: You love keeping people informed.
You don’t have to cringe when you send weekly status reports out to your clients. You look forward to having a meeting with your team to discuss what’s going on, what has been achieved, and what next steps are.
It is obvious that communication is essential to avoid mistakes and meet milestones. (click to Tweet) The good news is that humans are wired to communicate and it is not difficult to do so.
Sign #3: You can identify parameters and establish them.
You must ensure that everyone works within the project’s scope, no matter how exciting the moon and stars may seem. You can set realistic expectations, achievable tasks, and goals.
Sign #4: You are ready and present for anything.
You should check in with your team regularly as deadlines near to ensure that they are able to meet them on time.
You are open to constructive feedback and can handle the pressure of delivering on schedule, even if that means acknowledging mistakes and correcting them.
Sign #5: You are able to confidently speak for the team.
Clients will need you to talk to them on the phone or in person to discuss progress, updates, or any changes. You have a clearly defined scope and you have checked in with your team regularly, so you are able to make calls and attend meetings with information to share.
Sign #6: Don’t be easily influenced by new requirements or questions.
Clients, partners, or team members may approach you to offer new ideas, requirements, and questions.
These new ideas are welcome, but you must remember the original scope of work. If they are compatible with or improve the original scope, then you are open to discussing further. If they don’t, you are not afraid to reject them and give valid reasons.
Sign #7: You consult with experts.
As a project manager, you know your limitations. You are aware that clients may have specific concerns and you will seek out the right people to discuss them. You trust their knowledge and experience to answer your questions.
Sign #8: You cheer on others and congratulate them for a job well-done.
As a project manager, your role goes beyond monitoring progress or checking in on deadlines.
You “own and support” the process of putting together and bringing about the project’s success. You cheer on your team members and congratulate them on every milestone achieved. However, you are not afraid to ask questions or raise concerns that you might anticipate from your client.
It’s not just about management.
These eight signs are a reminder that project management is not just about managerial skills and knowledge.
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