Are There Reasons You Should Look for a Change?

There is no perfect manager, senior member, or junior member. There is no bad company or organization. It is the people who make it great or not. Before you say “enough is enough, it’s too much, I want to quit”, take a moment to list all the problems and challenges that your company faces.
Before you decide to search for change, ask yourself a few questions.
Are your qualifications in line with your current profile?
Do you love your job?
Are you being recognized by your senior managers for your outstanding work?
Are you respected by your colleagues and your team?
Do you have the ability to find balance between work and your personal life?
Are you using the latest technology to learn new things and improve your market value?
Is your 3 year roadmap promising for you?
Are you satisfied with the performance or behavior of your reporting manager?
Are your expectations met in relation to the salaries of people with similar experience and profiles?
You don’t need to make a career change if you answered “yes” 5 of the 9 questions above. Most employees leave their jobs because of their reporting manager. This is a mistake as people-related issues can be found in every organization. If you think your manager is the worst, you are wrong. Talk to your 20-30 closest friends and you will find 100 people worse than your boss. You might regret making the decision to change your job because of one person.
You can consider a career change if you feel you are not growing in the current position and that there is no growth potential. Before you accept the offer, keep these things in mind
Is it fulfilling your primary reason for making the change?
Is this company able to add value to your resume
What is the age of this company?
Are they able to work in a positive environment?
Here are some tips
After reviewing the job description, you will know that your qualifications are sufficient.
Visit the official website to learn more about the company’s history and present.
You can check on social media to see if there are any groups that have some resources about this employer. Before you make any decisions, extract as much information as possible from at least 5-6 people.
People want to make a living and not just for the money. Don’t judge by your salary. Instead, consider what job opportunities you might have. Are you able to learn new things and have challenging tasks? Money is not everything. However, job satisfaction and peace of mind are important factors in a person’s success. People work hard and are determined to make as much as possible. They want to achieve great heights in a short time. Ambition is great, but too much confidence and the wrong decision can endanger a career. Be careful when making sensitive decisions such as resigning or joining another employer.
You are making a very important and difficult decision to leave your employer. It is crucial that you are confident about your new employer.