How to choose the right project management methodology

There are so many different project management methods that it can be difficult for you to choose the right one. A project management method is simply a way of working. You don’t have to create a complicated workflow if you already have one in place. Even if your agency or business is small, it’s unlikely … Read more

How to be more productive

One of my friends once said to me, “I don’t work a lot right currently, but I get so much done!” It’s a mystery. Or is it? Productivity and burnout are hot topics these days. Here are some tips to help you be more productive. These may not be what they seem. Stress is the … Read more

How to be a good team leader

You’ve probably ever thought about being in charge, or if you’ve ever had to take a decision. What are the most important things leaders do? What can I do to make the company, division, and department more productive? What leadership skills should I adapt to the situation? My methods are not inspiring people. Many of … Read more

How to balance your team’s work load

A problem with the workload allocation might be causing a complaint from a member of your team. Stephany is a manager whose goal it to find the root cause of a problem, understand your team members, and work together to increase productivity. Stephany is a UX designer in a SaaS company. She is responsible for … Read more

How one team masters automation

Written by Mederic Beaunier CEO of aparticula Aparticula, a European agency that specializes in branding and web design, automates creating projects. They also keep their inboxes notified and make it easier to upgrade to the latest version. We chose self-hosting as we wanted to store our data and personalize the URL. We soon started to … Read more

New Training: Quality of service (QoS), Cisco Voice and Cisco Video

This intermediate training, 50-videos, by Jeff Kish, covers the knowledge network administrators must have to provide better service for Cisco networks that require voice and video capabilities. This is the new Cisco training. Quality of Service (or QoS) is a complex topic. It boils down to ensuring that traffic is delivered quickly enough to deliver … Read more

PowerShell 7: New Training

This entry-level training video, 96 videos, is presented by SPOTO trainers Garth Schulte and Knox Hutchinson. It covers the fundamental knowledge systems administrators need in order to fully make use of the new features and tools in PowerShell. This Powershell 7 training video is available. This series consists of seventeen parts that cover everything you … Read more

New Training: Planning for AWS S3 Data Security

Bart Castle, SPOTO trainer, covers the knowledge cloud specialists need in order to ensure that Amazon S3 objects and buckets are secure, that resources that require privacy remain private, as well as how to limit access to S3 resources. This AWS training is available. Perhaps you’ve tried it a few times with small directories or … Read more

New Training: Penetration testing tools. This 58-video entry-level training by SPOTO trainer Bob Salmans teaches security professionals the knowledge they need to recognize when to use various software and tools to enhance their penetration testing skills and understand the vulnerabilities of targets. Online Training in Penetration Testing Tools In the worlds of network and system security, there are few subjects that hold as much mystery or excitement as penetration testing. Penetration testing is a complex subject. A lot of the work is done using industry tools. They’re not mindless seek-and destroy missiles or fire-and forget, but they can replicate a lot the mystery surrounding penetration tests. Security technicians can learn how to conduct penetration tests and protect networks from real threats with this Penetration Testing Tools training. This eight-part series covers topics like identifying vulnerabilities and creating a plan to attack, exploiting targets discovered in scans, attacking devices, and deploying industry tools like Kali, network mapspers, password crackers and more. The training covers the following topics: Social Engineering Tools Metasploit Moduls Pentesting Reconnaissance Review, VLAN Hopping attacks Intro to Pentesting Evaluation This series includes 7 hours of training and 58 videos. Here’s more information from SPOTO: 10 Best Tools to Begin Pen Testing Penetration tests vs. Vulnerability scans: What is the difference? How to do penetration testing, vulnerability scanning Start learning penetration testing tools today! Download

New Training: Penetration testing planning and scoping. In this 25-video intermediate training, Shawn Powers, SPOTO trainer, covers the knowledge security professionals need to determine which networks, applications, databases and accounts will be targeted in a particular penetration test and how they can be defined for testers. This is the new CompTIA Security Training. Without enough planning and scoping, a penetration test would be like walking back to your car and checking the doors of all other cars in the lot. A penetration test can be a great way to double-check your network security posture. However, if you don’t plan well, it can cost you a lot of money and time. You can include devices or networks that you don’t care about, or you can look for vulnerabilities that you already know exist. This training teaches you how to identify stakeholders, gather data, assess needs, balance costs, plan the scope of a penetration testing. This four-part series covers topics like identifying key stakeholders and how to determine the ideal scope of a pen test, how to balance security gains with pen test costs, and how to gather sufficient information to properly scope tests. Learn security from SPOTO. Watch a video of the series. Topics covered include: Introduction to properly scoping an engagement Explaining timelines and Disclaimers Legal concepts Identifying various compliance-based standards This training includes 25 videos. Download