Cloud Buzz vs. Cloud Reality

Do you know what the cloud is? A few weeks ago, I asked that question to a group students. I was giving them a brief presentation on genomic data, and the work of my team to build infrastructure for translational research. My intro usually talks about high-level architecture during these presentations. This includes slides about … Read more

LinkedIn’s Top Skill 2018: “Cloud and Distributed Computing” LinkedIn published its list with the most in-demand skills for 2018. Cloud and Distributed Computing topped the list. LinkedIn, a business-oriented social network, analyzed data from over 500 million members to determine which hard skills are most needed by companies. LinkedIn listed similar jobs and their average salaries for cloud jobs, with Platform Engineer ($120,000) and Cloud Architect ($135,000). Although the list doesn’t include only tech jobs, they continue to dominate this ranking. LinkedIn stated that technology skills and jobs have dominated these lists year-over-year, and that this trend is likely to continue. “All jobs will likely require technical skills in the future. So make sure you brush up on the basics.” The No. 1 spot in the ranking of specific jobs (rather than skills) was Engagement Lead. Engagement Lead was the number one job, with a base salary of $93,000. The jobs list highlights those who have high median salaries, many job opportunities, and strong year-over–year growth. It also lists the jobs most likely lead to promotion or advancement, as well as the top five skills associated each job. Here are the top ten skills as published on LinkedIn.

Cloud and Distributed Computing Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Middleware and Integration Software Web Architecture and Development Framework User Interface Design Software Revision Control Systems Data Presentation SEO/SEM Marketing Mobile Development Network and Information Security Here are the top 10 most exciting jobs/salaries, as published by LinkedIn Engagement Lead ($93,000). Software Engineering Manager ($148,000). Customer … Read more

ClearDATA Adds More AWS Solutions To Its Health Care Platform ClearDATA is a provider of managed cloud services for the health care sector. ClearDATA has expanded its platform to include additional solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS). ClearDATA, Austin, Texas, is an AWS Service Delivery Partner and a member the AWS Public Sector Partner Program. ClearDATA also has an AWS health care partner competency. ClearDATA offers a variety of AWS-based services, including security and compliance services and data management that is health care-centric. ClearDATA announced Tuesday that its AWS portfolio now includes:

The AWS Lambda serverless computing option The DynamoDB NoSQL Database. The Amazon Aurora relational database engine. Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL ClearDATA stated in its announcement that it offers these services to help customers optimize AWS to handle even the largest transaction volumes and data sets. ClearDATA customers will be able to streamline or even eliminate … Read more


CISSP, or Certified Information Systems Security Professional, CISM, or Certified Information Systems Auditor, CASP, or the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner’, and CCISO, or the Certified Chief Information Security Officer’ are all the top certifications in the Information security domain. This document compares all four certifications. CISSP: The ultimate certification for cybersecurity professionals is the CISSP … Read more

CISSP or CCSP – Which one is better?

It is important to first understand the details of both certifications in order to decide which one is better: CISSP or CCSP. Let’s first understand the CISSP certification. CISSP: The most sought-after certification in the industry is the CISSP, or the ‘Certified Information Systems Security Professional’ (ISC)2. According to (ISC.2), the CISSP certification is “ideal … Read more

Amazon’s JEDI Protest Advances’s request for an injunction to stop the Pentagon’s $10 Billion cloud computing contract with Microsoft (called JEDI) has been granted. According to documents obtained by TechCrunch, Judge Patricia Elaine Campbell Smith, of the U.S Court of Federal Claims signed on Thursday an order announcing that the preliminary injunction had been granted “until further orders … Read more

Amazon’s Cloud Falls Behind Retail Sales

Despite the fact that many enterprises around the globe are relying on the cloud during the COVID-19 pandemics, cloud market leader Amazon Web Services has seen its lowest year-overyear growth., the parent company, reported its earnings for its fiscal 2nd quarter on Thursday. AWS reported $10.8 billion in revenue for the quarter that ended … Read more

Amazon’s Aurora Database Enters Prime Time Amazon Aurora is Amazon Web Services’ attempt to streamline the traditional relational model of database management. It has now left the preview stage. The company announced Monday that the Aurora database engine, which was first unveiled last year at AWS reInvent, is now available for production environments. It is currently available in three AWS regions: U.S. East, North Virginia, and Oregon. However, AWS plans to expand its availability to other regions “in the next months.” You can find detailed pricing information for Aurora here. Database instances come in five sizes. Users pay per hour for any number of database instances they need, as well as up 15 replicas. The “db.r3.large” instance costs $0.29 an hour in the U.S., while the “db.r3.8xlarge” instance costs $4.64 an hour. Users are also responsible for the storage of their Aurora database. This is $0.10 per GB per monthly in the U.S. regions and $0.20 per million I/O requests. AWS describes Aurora as a MySQL-compatible, relational engine that combines speed and availability with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness open-source databases. The product promises 5x speed improvements over MySQL, and a tenth the cost of traditional databases. In a blog post Monday, Jeff Barr, AWS evangelist, described some of Aurora’s features. These include:

Zero-downtime MySQL migrations via Amazon RDS Amazon CloudWatch allows you to view and take action on data. Replicas can be created in as little as 10 to 20 minutes You can find more information about Aurora on this product page.

Sumerian, Amazon’s 3-D Developer Platform is Exiting Preview

Developers can now try 3-D modeling with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Sumerian, first introduced at last November’s AWS reInvent conference as a preview product, became generally available this week. Sumerian was created by AWS as a browser-based workspace that allows developers to create 3-D environments for virtual- or augmented-reality apps. Sumerian is available in AWS. … Read more

Amazon Announces AWS Cloud Earnings For the First Time Inc. announced its first quarter earnings report on Thursday. Amazon Web Services (AWS), which saw $1.57 billion in revenue during the quarter that ended March 31, was 49% more than the year-ago period. This would give it a run-rate of more than $6 billion, which is roughly in line with analyst estimates. AWS’s operating … Read more