AWS Marketplace: HPE StormRunner Load and OpenVPN Licensing. More This month’s AWS Marketplace entries include: HPE StormRunner Load Website load testing software; Informatica “pay-as you-go” data management solutions; new licensing for OpenVPN; plus many other items. Here is a summary of all the new offerings.

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise stated that HPE StormRunner Load was a cloud-based performance test solution that is simple, smart, and scalable. It’s designed to test mobile and Web apps. It simulates millions of users from different locations around the world, and allows for multiple form factors and network conditions to meet agile development teams’ needs. According to the AWS Marketplace listing, the price for the solution is 15 cents per virtual hour. The listing states that the solution is a new addition in HPE’s market-leading performance engineering product suite. It offers a simple and intuitive user interface to create load tests. This includes open-source JMeter scripts, TruClient web/http, TruAPI JavaScript-based TruAPI and HAR file based scripts. Smart analytics are used to identify bottlenecks and scale to millions of virtual users in minutes, even from remote locations. StormRunner supports continuous delivery in Agile environments and integrates with different CI systems.
  • Informatica has announced hourly consumption options for its Informatica Cloud portfolio, which includes products for Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3, Amazon RDS (Amazon Aurora), Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Redshift. The company stated that Informatica developed these offerings to assist organizations of all sizes to quickly and economically jumpstart data management projects on AWS. This will allow them to enjoy rapid innovation, agility, and cloud economies. Customers can now benefit from Informatica’s world-class technology to connect and integrate data at scale. AWS Cloud is cost-effective, scalable, secure, and easy to use. All this, in a pay as you go model that doesn’t require upfront commitments or capacity planning. Informatica’s new offerings in AWS Marketplace include a free 15-day trial. They offer a quick way to deploy and manage enterprise-class data management systems across AWS, SaaS (Software as a Service), and on-premises. Informatica solutions AWS address customer requirements ranging from SaaS app integration to optimization of data warehouses to big data analytics all through to ensuring reliable data about customers and products, suppliers, and locations.
  • OpenVPN Technologies Inc. is an open-source Secure Sockets Layer VPN provider. It has launched a new product licensing model. This includes OpenVPN Access Server offerings. OpenVPN Access Server offerings are based on the number connected devices. The marketplace listing states that OpenVPN Access Server is a fully featured SSL VPN software solution. It integrates OpenVPN server capabilities and enterprise management capabilities. It also includes simplified OpenVPN Connect UI and OpenVPN Client software packages. It can be used in Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS, and mobile OS (Android, iOS). OpenVPN Access Server supports many configurations, including remote access to private cloud networks and internal networks. It also supports applications with fine-grained access control.
  • Dataguise demonstrated the availability of DgSecure’s security solution in AWS Marketplace at the recent AWS Summit. The company stated that Dataguise DgSecure 6.0 on AWS is a data-centric cybersecurity platform that scans Amazon S3 for sensitive information and identifies its location and status throughout its lifecycle. “The solution provides transparent, role-based sensitive asset provisioning via Amazon EMR platform. This allows users to access sensitive data stored on Amazon S3 using DgSecure role based access policies. The product is available in the following formats: