Beyond The Prototype (with Douglas Ferguson, Voltage Control)

How can you bridge the gap between launch and exploration? Douglas Ferguson, entrepreneur, and human-centered technologist gives 6 steps to follow after a design sprint in order to release something into the wild.
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Audio Transcription:
Ben Aston
Design sprints are powerful. You can use a design thinking process in just five days to discover insights, create a prototype, and then share it with users. What next? What now? It was a great experience. It does seem to have some potential. But where can you take your prototype? You won’t be able to make it happen if you don’t take care.
Ben Aston
It was great fun. It was informative and inspiring. Sometimes, though, it can be daunting to take the next step. Momentum can often come to us. How can you bridge the gap between exploration, launch, and outcomes? Listen to today’s podcast for a six-step plan that you can follow following a design sprint to actually release something into nature.
Ben Aston
Thank you for tuning in. Ben Aston is the founder of Digital Project Manager. Welcome to the DPM podcast. We are on a mission help project managers succeed and help people manage projects better. We are here to help you elevate your project management skills. Check out to learn about the training and resources we offer through membership. Clarizen, the leader in Enterprise Project Management Software and Portfolio Management Software, brought this podcast to you. is a great place to learn more.
Ben Aston
Douglas Ferguson is an entrepreneur. He is a human-centered technologist. He is the founder and president at Voltage Control. He is also the co-author and author of three books, How to Remix Anything Start Within and Beyond the Prototype. This is what we’ll be discussing today. This is a guideline for navigating the fuzzy zone between ideas and results. Douglas, thank you for being here today.
Douglas Ferguson
Thank you so much. It’s great being here.
Ben Aston
It is Friday afternoon, and it is already getting hot. We are now at the end of the week. Let’s end this week with a bang. I would like to know more about you and your journey into design sprinting. Also, why this is so interesting, useful and applicable.
Douglas Ferguson
You know, I believe that every part of my life has led me to where I am today. They’re like stepping stones along the way. I will start by saying that I started my career as a software developer. I then moved into leadership. As a sovereign developer, I was always interested in the intersection of technology, market, design, function, feasibility, desirability.
Douglas Ferguson
As a leader, I was not only concerned with how we would implement it technically but also why we should build it and what we need to do.