DevOps Career Guide 2022

DevOps Career Path: A Comprehensive Guide for 2022 The term “DevOps”, which is used often in the world of information technology, is a common term. Due to the high interest in this area, there has been an increase in the demand for DevOps engineers. There is no indication of a slowing down in the demand … Read more

The Delphi Technique and its Role in Project Management

Delphi Technique in Project Management There are many factors that can determine whether or not a project is successful. Quick decision-making, well-thought out planning, and most importantly, a shared understanding amongst all involved are key factors in project management. Decisive individuals can make quick decisions. Experienced professionals can help you plan. It is not easy … Read more

Deep Learning vs Machine Learning – Differences Explained

Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning: What’s the difference? The term artificial intelligence was first coined in the 1950s. This was at the same time that Alan Turing was ridiculed because of his innovative ideas. These ideas still serve as the basis for Artificial Intelligence today. It is amazing to see how this field has changed … Read more

Deep Learning Interview Questions – Best of 2022

By Nandini Published 11 May 2022 Most Popular Deep Learning Interview Questions & Answers 2022 Deep Learning is one the fastest-growing fields in data innovation. It’s a collection of strategies that allow machines to predict the yields from a layered array of data sources. Deep Learning is being adopted by organizations around the globe. Anyone … Read more

Top 6 Reasons to Learn Power BI The Right Way

Have you ever received a notification by your favorite store to make a discount on your birthday? Have you ever wondered how your favorite store’s ads know what’s on your mind? Every day, businesses use a lot of raw data that can be used to generate valuable business insights. These data are used to identify … Read more

Top 6 Agile Certifications for 2018

Agile is a new way to innovate in the age of corporate culture. Agile is a new and innovative way to manage projects. It replaces the outdated methods that were used for years. The demand for agile professionals has increased dramatically due to the explosion in the Engineering and IT industries over the last decade. … Read more

Top 5 Vendor-Neutral Cybersecurity Certificates

Many organizations are shifting to digital and relying on sophisticated, secure networks to support them. Many companies are looking for skilled IT and data cybersecurity professionals to help them design protected networks, threat detection system, and incident response plans. There are many opportunities for professional growth and advancement in cybersecurity careers. You can find great … Read more

Top 5 Technology Trends to Follow in 2020

Information Technology is constantly changing. In the past, we relied on dictionaries to find complicated word meanings. Google is our blessing. It not only simplifies the search process, but also saves us time and effort. Although technological advances are affecting business growth, they also contribute to huge skill gaps. Businesses often prefer to reskill or … Read more

How to Pass the PMP(r) Exam, What are the Benefits?

You are here because you are concerned about clearing the PMP(r), and you have come to the right place. First, let’s be clear: you will need to have tremendous dedication and effort. Next, take your time and read this blog to learn how to pass the PMP(r). Let’s get started. The PMP(r), one of the … Read more

How to Pass the CISA Exam and Become an IS Audit Professional Certified

The visibility gap is a major concern in the cybersecurity domain. Cyber-attacks continue to rise despite the fact that global spending in this area is increasing. It is imperative to have standardized and well-formulated security policies that include a skill development platform. Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), one of many cyber security certifications, has been … Read more