What is the Difference Between NAT and PAT?

By Brian Scheibe Network Address Translation, (NAT), and Port Address Translation(PAT) both map IP address on an internal network to those on an external network. Depending on the type of network you are translating and how many available IP addresses you have, which method of address translation do you use? If you want to connect … Read more

My Experience with the Cisco TSOOT Beta Exam

By Bryan Baize, CCIE #16139 I took the beta exam last week for the new TSHOOT class at Cisco. In addition to the traditional drag-and-drop and multiple choice questions, there is a new type question on the test. The new questions feature a complex trouble ticket-based scenario. The quality and creativity of this new question … Read more

2.8.2. Windows Firewall Part 2

2.8.2. Windows Firewall – Part 2By Val BakhIn our last month’s blog post on Windows Firewall (WF), I introduced network firewalls as well as host-based firewalls, and explained the basic principles of their operation. We also learned about WF, its most essential settings and two types of rules. We’ll now discuss both types WF rules … Read more

MartinFowler.com: AWS Expands its Serverless Offerings with a New Python Framework This is no surprise to Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), who jumped on the serverless bandwagon early with multiple serverless cloud services. It has now added a preview offering, the Python Serverless Microframework to AWS. Peter Moon, who announced the new service, said that serverless computing was a hot topic among AWS customers. AWS serverless offerings AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda make it possible to create and manage API applications with virtually unlimited scalability, without having to manage any servers. The AWS Developer Tools team is proud to announce the preview for the Python Serverless Microframework. AWS announced that the new microframework offers:

A command-line tool to create, deploy, and manage apps. An easy-to-use and familiar API to declare views in Python code Automatic Identity and Access Management policy generation ThoughtWorks provides a definition of serverless architecture: It replaces long-running virtual machines by ephemeral compute resources that are created on request and then disappear immediately after being used. … Read more

AWS Cloud’s New Ledger Database Provides Verifiable History Of Data Changes. The AWS cloud announced Amazon Quantum Ledger Database. It uses blockchain-like technology and provides a verifiable record of data changes in AWS applications. The Amazon Quantum Ledger Database, (QLDB) is available in preview since November last year. It provides a transparent, immutable and cryptographically verifyable transaction log. Centrally trusted authority. It is not a distributed ledger or blockchain technology. These technologies are used in distributed applications that involve multiple parties, possibly untrusted. AWS offers Amazon Managed Blockchain for those situations. [Click on the image to see a larger view.] Amazon QLDB (source : AWS). AWS announced the new offering last week. “Amazon QLDB” is a new type of database that eliminates having to develop your own ledger-like applications. This includes tracking credit and debit history in banking transactions, validating incidents against insurance claims, and tracing an item’s movement through a supply chain network. AWS claims that the new offering will benefit use cases that range from manufacturing to human resource/payroll.

Transparent and immutable Serverless Cryptographically verified It is simple to use Highly scalable and performant AWS’s chief evangelist Jeff Barr demonstrated how QLDB is set up and managed with other services, such as the AWS Command Line Interface, AWS Management Console (CLI), and CloudFormation templates in a blog post on Sept. 10. Barr explained that … Read more

AWS Marketplace Updates: RiverMeadow Server Migration, BlockStack Core, TeamViewer For Workspaces. Last week was busy for AWS Marketplace entries. New offerings included TeamViewer to AWS WorkSpaces (secure remote support for desktop apps), RiverMeadow Server Migration (secure workload migrations into AWS), and Blockstack Core (decentralized Internet using blockchain technology). Let’s take a look at each.

TeamViewer for AWS WorkSpaces TeamViewer is software for digital networking, collaboration, and remote support. The cloud giant’s managed desktop computing service, TeamViewer for AWS WorkSpaces, is the new target of the TeamViewer for AWS WorkSpaces. Amazon WorkSpaces is described as a “cloud-based replacement for a conventional desktop,” and allows users to access documents, applications, and … Read more

AWS Marketplace: HPE StormRunner Load and OpenVPN Licensing. More This month’s AWS Marketplace entries include: HPE StormRunner Load Website load testing software; Informatica “pay-as you-go” data management solutions; new licensing for OpenVPN; plus many other items. Here is a summary of all the new offerings.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise stated that HPE StormRunner Load was a cloud-based performance test solution that is simple, smart, and scalable. It’s designed to test mobile and Web apps. It simulates millions of users from different locations around the world, and allows for multiple form factors and network conditions to meet agile development teams’ needs. According … Read more

AWS Database Migration Service – New Functionality

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), has added functionality to its Database Migration Service, (DMS), which allows enterprises to move their databases to the cloud seamlessly without downtime. March saw the launch of the DMS. Jeff Barr, a spokesperson for AWS, stated that the AWS Database Migration Service involves setting up and managing a replica instance … Read more