CISSP or CCSP – Which one is better?

It is important to first understand the details of both certifications in order to decide which one is better: CISSP or CCSP.
Let’s first understand the CISSP certification.
The most sought-after certification in the industry is the CISSP, or the ‘Certified Information Systems Security Professional’ (ISC)2. According to (ISC.2), the CISSP certification is “ideal for information security professionals looking to demonstrate their understanding of cyber-security strategy and hands-on implementation.”

Next, let’s look at the CCSP certification
The CCSP certification is for you if you work in cloud security or cloud-related technologies and architecture and want to show your mastery of cloud security concepts.
(ISC.2 in association with CSA. According to (ISC),2 the CCSP, or ‘Certified Cloud Security Professional,’ “is a proven method to build your career, better secure critical assets in cloud computing” (CCSP, The Industry’s Premier Cloud Security Certification). The exam tests candidates in “cloud security design and implementation, architecture, operations and compliance with regulatory frameworks.” ”
Let’s compare both certifications:
A candidate for the CISSP exam must have at least five years of full time security experience in two of eight domains of (ISC]2 CISSP CBK(Common Body of Knowledge). Candidates for the CCSP examination must have at least five years of work experience, three years in Information security and one year in one of six domains.
Inaugurated in
Exam format
All English versions of CISSP exam use CAT (Computerized adaptive Testing).
This link allows the candidate to check the cost of the exam.
The exam contains approximately 100-150 questions
To pass the exam, the candidate must score 700 of a possible 1,000 points
The exam takes approximately 3 hours.

The exam takes 3 hours.
This link allows the candidate to check the cost of the exam.
There are approximately 125 questions on the exam
To pass the exam, the candidate must score 700 of a possible 1,000 points

Roles that require certification
Chief Information Officer
Chief Information Security Officer
Director of Security
IT Director/Manager
Network Architect
Security Analyst
Security Architect
Security Auditor
Security Consultant
Security Manager
Security Systems Engineer
Enterprise Architect
Security Administrator Security Architect
Security Consultant
Security Engineer
Security Manager
Systems Architect
Systems Engineer
There are eight domains within CISSP
Security and Risk Management Domain
Asset Security Domain
Security Architecture and Engineering Domain
Communication and Network Security Domain
Domain Identity and Access Management (IAM).
Security Assessment and Testing Domain
Security Operations Domain
Software Development Security
There are six domains within CCSP
Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design Domain
Cloud Data Security Domain
Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security Domain
Cloud Application Security Domain
Cloud Security Operations Domain
Compliance, Legal, Risk and Risk
CISSP or CCSP – Which is better?
We can confidently say that both the CISSP certification and the CCSP exam are essential for InfoSec professionals. We recommend that you first obtain the CISSP certification and then move on to the CCSP. The CCSP certification is an extension of the CISSP certification, and will compliment it perfectly.
CCSP and CISSP – both will enhance your knowledge and resume – so get them today!
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