Cloud Data Security Service AWS Macie from Amazon

1. Introduction to AWS Macie2. AWS Macie 3. AWS Macie Setup Guide Conclusion5. CloudThat 6. FAQs1. Introduction to AWS Macie
Amazon Macie was sent off in late spring 2017, undoubtedly causing a lot joy for cloud security engineers. Amazon Macie is a combination of strong security and consistent administration. It uses a program to recognize, order, and distinguish information within your AWS account.
Amazon Macie, a cloud security tool that uses machine-learning technology to identify and protect sensitive data stored on Amazon Web Services, is called Amazon Macie. It automatically detects and discovers sensitive data such as intellectual property or personally identifiable information (PII), that an enterprise stores in AWS via natural language processing (NLP).
AWS Macie can detect data breaches and intrusions. This service continuously monitors and analyzes cloud data access and account behavior to detect unusual activity. It sends alerts to admins if it detects any unusual activity.
2. Use Cases for AWS Macie
Unnecessary downloads of sensitive data by an account
Unusual activity from an unknown IP address
A user who downloads source codes with which he or she has never interacted normally
Any sensitive data that is available to the public
3. AWS Macie Setup Guide
Step 1: – Select a bucket to store sensitive data such as credit card details, phone numbers and bank account details

Step 2: – Select an AWS Macie service via AWS Console

Step 3: Click on Get Started on AWS Macie. You will receive 30 days of free trial in AWS Free Tier Account

Step 4: – Click on Enable Macie Service

Step 5: Once enabled, Macie will automatically identify all buckets and objects within the bucket. Based on the size and count, the Macie dashboard will appear. It takes some time for data to be displayed on the dashboard

Step 6: Click on Create a Job and choose your bucket. Then click on Next

Step 7: Click on Next and choose whether you would like to run this job daily, or once a week.

Step 8: Click on Next. In managed data identifiers, keep the selection type at ALL. If you want to monitor all of your data in the bucket that you choose, or exclude or add any data you wish
Step 9: Click on Next. If you need any custom identifiers, such as the column you want to track credit card numbers or other information, you can create custom identifiers
Step 10: – Click next to enter the job title and description

Step 11: – Next, check the price for your bucket and the corresponding size, and click on submit

Step 12: – Once you submit your job, it will start to run

This is how you set up your AWS Macie Service over your AWS S3 in order to protect sensitive data.
4. Conclusion
The security assurance provided by AWS cloud doesn’t apply to data stored in the AWS bucket. You must ensure that your data security is maintained. Privacy is becoming more important around the globe. It’s not something you should take lightly. You must ensure that your data stored in Amazon S3 is compliant. An enterprise should use a cloud privacy monitoring tool such as this one.
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