ExamCollection: Frequently Asked Question

The FAQ section of ExamCollection has been updated to include all the information we are often asked. Here’s the update in case you missed it. This is a great place to start if you’re new to IT certification exam preparation. If you have a question that has not been answered, please leave it in the comments box below. We hope it helps!
General questions
What is Examcollection.com?
Examcollection is a group of IT certification exam takers who are committed to sharing their exam knowledge with their peers and those looking for free information to study for their IT exams. Our members share their knowledge about IT certification exams in convenient VCE file format.
Examcollection is a platform for information sharing. We do not sell software and we don’t support or troubleshoot it. Keep reading to learn where you can find your VCE software. We allow people to upload VCE files, download files, and leave feedback.
What are VCE files exactly?
Virtual CertExam (VCE) is a file format that simulates the IT exam environment. It allows for easy exam preparation in your own home or on the move. VCE is the most common format used to simulate IT exam simulations. Please refer to the separate section below for details on how to create, convert, and use VCE files.
Who can upload the files
Examcollection members upload all files. Everyone who has taken an exam recently and/or found braindumps that are true to their expectations is encouraged to share this information with Examcollection members by creating and uploading VCE file.
Who can access the files?
Individuals may download the files for their own use, which is useful for exam preparation. It is forbidden to download files for commercial purposes/resale. Examcollection reserves all rights to ban users suspected of reselling files.
How many files can you upload/download per day
Upload unlimited VCE files You can only download a maximum of 10 files per day. This limit was set in order to prevent the commercial use of VCE files that our members have created.
Software and VCE Files
What is VCE?
Visual CertExam Software has a file format called VCE. This file format and the software are widely used to create IT certification tests. Visual CertExam Suite is required to create and open VCE files.
Where can I find Visual CertExam Suite
Visual CertExam Suite can be purchased from its developer, http://www.avanset.com/ . Examcollection does NOT sell or support this product. If you have any questions about this product, please contact Avanset support directly.
Can I convert PDF files to VCE?
Exam Formatter is a free tool that converts PDF files into VCE. Here is a tutorial that shows you how to convert PDF files into VCE files. It also contains some tips and tricks.
Premium Files
What are Premium Files?
PassGuide offers Premium VCE files at a discounted price. These VCEs can be purchased at a discount for the most popular exams. They are reliable and trustworthy tools for preparing for your IT certification exams.
What makes Premium VCE files different than all other uploads of files?
These VCEs were created by industry professionals who have worked with IT certifications for many years. They have strong ties with IT certification holders and vendors. PassGuide makes its files available for a small charge. This makes them a great source for reliable inf.