From YouTube Series to Building a Channel: 10 Initiatives We Are Excited About in 2021

It’s time for us to look forward, to better times, new beginnings and a brighter tomorrow. CompTIA 2021 will be about focusing on projects, resources, and initiatives that add more value to its members and the IT industry. Here are some things to look forward to. It’s time for 2020 to be put behind us and look ahead–to better times and new beginnings and a brighter tomorrow. CompTIA is focusing on new initiatives, resources, and projects that will provide greater value to its members and the entire IT industry.
Here’s a glimpse at what you can expect in 2021.
1. Cybersecurity is in the spotlight
CompTIA will continue to provide cybersecurity resources and initiatives in 2021, as a result of cybersecurity being a hot topic. We are launching our Cybersecurity Advisory Council. It is made up of some of the most prominent IT security executives in the sector, including Tracy Holtz, Kevin McDonald, and vice-chair Kevin Nikkhoo, both of XeneX. CompTIA ISAO continues its growth in membership and industry recognition. Members can share best practices and collaborate to develop offensive and defensive strategies. This is a powerful combination that will help increase cyber resilience in our industry.
2. CompTIA hits the Big (OK, Small) Screen
CompTIA launched its CompTIA World YouTube channel last August. It already has a library of content. Our first two series are “The Doctor In: Your Prescription For Business Transformation” with Dr. Georgette Fox-Moore and “Shoering Up Security”, with MJ Shoer (executive director of CompTIA ISAO). Soon to be available on a monitor or mobile device near your location: “Universal Truths from an SMB” with SYNNEX’s Bob Stegner. This series also covers managed service providers and trends in the public sector. Don’t forget to follow our CompTIA World Twitter and LinkedIn channels for the latest updates.
3. Emerging Tech Comes Together
CompTIA will be presenting a lot this year on how to leverage and integrate technologies to solve specific business problems. It’s rare to hear someone say, “Yes, I’d love to buy some blockchain please.” But it’s beautiful when blockchain, drones and IoT, AI and other technologies work together. Several members of our Industry Advisory Councils worked behind the scenes to create a project that demonstrates how multiple technology can be integrated together to solve a business problem. Keep checking back in early 2021 for the “Tech Together” project. This project demonstrates a multi-technology solution to prevent contamination of food supplies. Already, the councils are planning a second project later in the year.
4. More EmTech Initiatives
The Industry Advisory Councils have all been working hard to develop their own content and resources, with the goal of increasing awareness and adoption of their respective technologies–projects ranging from blockchain learning maps to a cloud application toolkit, to channel marketing strategies, to cybersecurity education for executives, to a drone master class for users, to an IoT reference architecture guide–and much more. The Emerging Technology Community will also be releasing an enhanced version its Top 10 Emerging Technologies List, which will include best practices for each tech.
5. Reuniting with One Another
We are planning to meet again in person at some point, although we don’t know when. Although it may not be until the second quarter of the year, peer-to-peer collaboration and networking have always been a huge benefit to CompTIA members. We recognize that. We have tried to make our online events more interactive, including live chats and social “happy hour” sessions. But we all look forward to being together again as soon as it’s safe. You can still sign up for the 2021 Communities & Councils Forum Online. Keep the date in mind for the 2021 Communities & Councils Forum Online: March 16-17.
6. Master Classes to Help You Evolve, Adapt, and Innovate
IT has always been a “you lose if you snooze” industry. This means that all sizes of tech companies must continue to evolve, transform, and adapt. CompTIA and Managed Services Community have created an MSP masterclass for 2021. This course is designed to help MSPs develop a solution-oriented business model. This course will teach you how to identify opportunities, create offerings, and manage your solutions. Stay tuned for more information and details about the Cybersecurity masterclass.
7. Tools to Build a