Global Knowledge IT administration tasks required manual, point-and-click operations. These days, manual operations are obsolete. These days, manual action is no longer necessary. IT technologists also don’t have the resources or time to perform manual tasks that can easily be automated. PowerShell is an intuitive tool that transforms time-consuming grunt work into simple, repeatable, and programmable commands. Are you using PowerShell in the organization? Your competitors are. Take a look at the slide deck.

Jared Thibodeau

Jared Thibodeau is a bilingual, cross-certified instructor. He has more than 20 years of IT consulting experience. He speaks fluent English and French. Jared is a skilled instructor who can create and customize courseware and teach. Jared is a certified instructor who has written courses in Windows Server, SharePoint, System Center, Cloud, VMware, Hyper-V Virtualization, and Windows Server. This webinar will show you how to administer PowerShell. How to locate and execute PowerShell commands. How to format reports using PowerShell. Similar Courses: Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell Advanced Automated Administration Windows PowerShell scripting, and toolmaking GK Polaris