How do I pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate (AWS CDA) Exam?

Aspirants, how are you preparing for the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam (AWS CDA).
Whizlabs aims to offer industry-leading study and practice materials that are up-to-date and relevant in line with the latest updates from Amazon Web Services. Whizlabs AWS Expert Team member, I took (and passed) the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam to keep track of the latest changes and to see if the online course Whizlabs AWS CDA is good enough for the AWS CDA certification exam.
Amazon Web Services offers three associate-level certifications, including the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam (DVA–C01). It allows candidates to demonstrate their ability to use AWS Certified Developer Associate exam (DVA-C01).
Understanding the core AWS services and their uses. Also, understanding AWS architecture best practices.
Expertise in cloud-based applications using AWS.

Preparation for the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam (DVA-C01).
The Whizlabs AWS CDA online course was my main preparation tool for the AWS developer Associate certification exam. It provides focused content that will allow you to pass the AWS CDA exam on your first attempt. The course includes 15+ hours of training videos and a few interactive labs. You can also practice with the labs in real-time to gain real-world experience.
I passed the AWS developer associate certification exam by taking the online course. It covers the following sections:
Getting Started
Core Services
Command Line Interface
Developer Tools and CI/CD
Additional Key Services
To make sure I was prepared for the online course, I took the Whizlabs AWS CDA practice test. I took two practice tests and scored 80% higher on the first attempt, while scoring 90% higher on the second. This was the same score as the real exam.
The most important concepts and topics for the AWS CDA Exam
I was well-prepared for the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam and scheduled the exam for March 24, 2019. As an AWS Certified Developer Associate, it was easy for me to share my experience with the AWS CDA exam. Here’s a list of the key topics and subtopics that I used to find the questions on the exam.
1. Serverless
Lambda – Many questions were posed from this page
Many questions were either directly related to Lambda or combined with other services.
– Lambda – Version-related questions
– Lambda – Alias-related questions
– Lambda – SAM-combination questions
– Lambda-SAM and CodeDeploy combination
SAM – Parameters of the SAM code related questions – Which parameter does what in YAML code?
Lambda to solve Complex architecture
2. KMS
Encryption at rest and Encryption while in transit
KMS Questions can be combined with many other services.
S3 encryption
– Data Transfer from Kinesis to Encrypted
– Lambda function to process and encrypt data before it is transferred to S3
– Default S3 encryption
Keys related questions – Master Key, Envelope key, Data Key, GeneratedDataKey, etc
3. DynamoDB
Developer exams require a thorough understanding of DynamoDB.
Calculations based upon this: Understanding WCU, RCU and Understanding RCU
Local secondary index, Global second index
Scan vs Query
Projection expression
DynamoDB and ElastiCache such as Redis or Memcached in combination
DynamoDB and Lambda combination with S3
Questions relating to DynamoDB sessions
DynamoDB data fetched – Write through, lazy loading
How to solve ProvisionedThroughputExceededException
DynamoDB TTL
4. ElasticBeanstalk
Understanding the different ways of updating is important – rolling, all at one, rolling with batch, immutable etc
Combination of ElasticBeanstalk and CloudFormation
It is important to understand how configuration in ElasticBeanstalk works
How to change the instance type
How to save RDS while deleting ElasticBeanstalk
Different versions of the application can be deployed in ElasticBeanstalk
5. CloudFormation
This is also a very important topic.
Understating parameters inside Cloudformation Template
CloudFormation template saved in S3
CloudFormation, Lambda and CodeDeploy, S3 combination Question
Pointing to the correct version of CloudFormation’s Lambda function
6. CodDeploy, CodeBuild, CodeCommit, Code Pipeline
Complete understanding of the Code Deploy Configuration file, and its parameters – appspec File
CodeDeploy errors and reverting to older versions
Run order of hooks
CodeBuild in combination avec SAM
Understanding the CodeBuild Configuration file and its parameters-Buildspec file
CodeCommit – Although there weren’t many questions directly about this, I saw it in many ways
Automate the process with Codepipeline
Errors are not to be taken lightly