How one team masters automation

Written by Mederic Beaunier CEO of aparticula
Aparticula, a European agency that specializes in branding and web design, automates creating projects. They also keep their inboxes notified and make it easier to upgrade to the latest version. We chose self-hosting as we wanted to store our data and personalize the URL. We soon started to store information and files in ActiveCollab. The invoicing section was the most significant breakthrough. The invoicing section was the most significant. Symfony developed a web interface that allows us to create custom WordPress installations with plugins, themes and all the rest. We plan to automate even more: Git – automatically updates or closes a task (task) whenever we make a Git commit.
Our status API – Creates a task (ticket) automatically when our status API detects anything.
Openstack automatically creates a note on a project whenever we add a server.
It will take a lot of effort, but it’s nothing when compared to how much time we’ll be able to save by having a better organization.
ActiveCollab is paired with Slack and is our main monitoring tool. By directing all messages to Slack, we keep our inboxes clear of notifications. This workflow prevents email overload and allows us to keep track of important information real-time by redirecting everything to Slack.
Each team
GIT commits
Notifications from our internal BOOT (deployment logs etc.
We have a 3-step process to fix bugs that I can monitor using only Slack. Someone creates an ActiveCollab task based on a ticket
The assignee works on the task, and makes a Git commit
Capistrano deploys and sends the status reports
Tips & Tricks
Inline CSS and HTML tags are used to highlight a specific invoice item. This is useful for creating sections and highlighting information in invoices that we send clients. It works exactly the same way as in Slack, and we love it so much! When we meet new customers, we take the time explain ActiveCollab to them. We explain why customers should be involved in projects, update tickets, and discussions. It’s for their benefit. Our customers are encouraged to create their own tasks and share their thoughts. We also encourage them to track their progress. Many of them are able to understand this concept and have good habits. We love to share animated GIFs on projects with our customers. It makes work more enjoyable and keeps everyone happy. [Gif in ActiveCollab](site.baseurl/assets/images/posts/aparticula-gif.gif)Regarding how to make a gif play inside a comment: if you simply attach a gif to a comment, it won’t work (it’ll be a static image). You can bypass this problem by finding a gif online, and then copy the link. You can then paste the link directly in the comment to bring it to life. It won’t show up in your Files section so it will be kept clean.