How Technology can help you improve your projects

Project managers face a lot of tasks every day. You have to manage your own workload and your team’s needs. It’s not surprising that technology is your best friend. It can give you tools and services that will help improve your management skills. They can help you be more productive, automate tasks, or support your communication with your colleagues.
Why use a project management system?
A project management system will help you keep everything in one place, from your goals and workflow. They are simple to use, cost-effective, and affordable. Basecamp is a popular choice for project managers around the world, as it is one of most robust solutions. Basecamp is a secure online platform that allows you to create and manage tasks, add deadlines and to-do lists, as well as files. You can also discuss the topics and track the progress of your team. All this happens in real-time. Smartsheet, Mavenlink and Wrike are also reliable alternatives.
Promote Collaboration
Tech solutions can be used to improve collaboration if your project requires that all members of your team work together on the same task. Wikis are a great way to create the right environment for collaboration, and they can be used in conjunction with Google Apps for Work. PB Works creates a secure platform to store sensitive files and documents, and allows people to collaborate from anywhere in the world. Your files will be accessible across all platforms and devices, and can be shared easily. Push notifications will be sent to you about any updates to your collaborative files.
Share Files Made Easy
It can be time-consuming to share large files, especially if they’re large. Using tools like Google Drive or Dropbox can make this much easier. Upload what you want, and then share the link with your team. They can then view, edit, or download it depending on the permission level you have granted.
Get feedback from customers and employees
You need to hear from your employees and customers to ensure you are on the right track. You can do this by using an online solution such as Hively or OpinionLab to collect opinions and reviews. These online solutions will provide you with instant information and insight into the best way to move forward.
Learn Anywhere
Technology can be used by you and your team to quickly acquire and update any skill. Many online learning platforms are available to help you learn anything you need, either for free or at a low price. There are many options on Lynda and Udemy, Future Learn, and Coursera. However, you should look for providers that specialize in specific skills. Ai Udacity, for instance, is a top-rated online platform for IT courses.
Online Freelancers and Employees
The internet is also a great place to hire new talent. Post your job on,, Simply Hired. Or any other job search site. You can also use LinkedIn to filter candidates based on education and skills to save time. If you only require one-time support, you may also be able to hire a highly-skilled freelancer through Upwork or Guru.
Automate tasks
Automating any task is a must. You don’t need a lot of brainpower to accomplish it, and you can rest assured that there will be a tech solution. You will need a time tracker. For example, forget about your watch and start using Toggl. Are you overwhelmed by tickets to track? Lighthouse can help. Survey Monkey is a great tool for conducting surveys. Hootsuite has many features that will help you update your project status on social networks. These are just some of the many ways you can automate online.
Improve internal communication
Many tools allow you to leave your emails in the past and improve internal communication.