How to prepare for the DSCI Certified Privacy Professional (DCPP exam)

The DSCI Certified Privacy Professional program (DCPP), is for individuals who wish to further their careers in data and privacy. There are potential threats to privacy and data due to the rapid development of technology and businesses’ reliance upon it. To deal with this threat, each nation has its own code of conduct that governs how they deal with what and with whom. This has led to a demand for professionals who are knowledgeable in data privacy and can help you comply with regulations.
Let’s talk about some important tips and tricks for preparing for the DSCI Certified Privacy Pro (DCPP) exam.
About DSCI Certified Privacy Professional exam
DCPP is a pioneer credentialing programme that equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance your career within the field of data privacy. It is an industry-recognized certificate for professionals working in the privacy sector. DCSI says that the DCPP exam can help you improve your career prospects. You will be able to access the following benefits by obtaining certifications:
Be a part of the growing privacy fraternity
Become a distinguished privacy professional
Demonstrate your privacy credentials
Get regular updates and access to Body of Knowledge (BoK).
Recognize your peers and employers
Increase your employability
Target Audience
The exam is intended for the following people:
Privacy, security and IT professionals
Compliance Officers
Information System & Security Auditors
Risk Professionals
Students in Engineering, Law, or the Humanities
Let’s now get to the point!
How to prepare for the DSCI Certified Privacy Professional (DCPP exam)
There are many preparatory strategies you can use. You should be cautious when choosing resources as they will determine how successful the exam is. Let’s now discuss How to prepare for the DSCI Certified Privacy Pro (DCPP) exam.
Step 1: Learn about the exam syllabus
This is the outline of the exam content –
The DSCI does NOT provide any information regarding the DSCI Certified Privacy Pro exam syllabus. However, the book you receive when you register – the PBoK (Body of Knowledge), PBok Addendum-2018 – contains all the syllabus and study material. Here is a course outline.
Section 1 – Privacy Fundamentals: 22 questions
Next, Section 2 – Privacy Principles and Regulations 32 question
Section 3 – Privacy Technologies & Organization Ecosystem: 21 Questions
DCPP covers the following important domains:
Introduction to Privacy
Privacy Protection: Drivers
Privacy Principles
Privacy laws
Transborder data flows
Other aspects of privacy
Data Life CyclePlatforms to Protect Privacy
Privacy Enhancing Technologies
Privacy in Organizational Ecosystems
Step 2: Learn about the exam format
The DSCI Certified Privacy Professional exam (DCPP), has 75 questions that must all be answered within 150 minutes. Multiple-choice questions can be either direct or case study to help assess the candidate’s abilities. The exam will cost INR 15,000 plus 18% GST. The certification fee includes the PBoK, the PBok Addendum-2018 and the exam fee.
Step 3 – Learn about exam policies
These are some of the most important points to remember:
Register policy – Follow the steps below to register for the exam.
Register and pay online at the DSCI site.
Next, when you receive the confirmation email click on the link to the exam schedule.
Next, select a date and a location for the test. You will need to enter the code in the email to complete the scheduling process.
Finally, pass the exam and you will be certified.
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