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Hacking is a term that refers to gaining unauthorised access to a system firewall to perform destructive acts. We have all heard it. In today’s digital age, there is an interesting twist to hacking: ethical hacking. This is a legal type of hacking. Cybercrime is on the rise, and the government and businesses must protect and preserve critical data. This is what has brought ethical hackers to prominence.
Many top companies are looking for Certified Ethical Hackers to help with firewall improvement and system security evaluations. This has led to many people wanting to be Ethical Hackers. It is difficult to be a good ethical hacker.
Before we move on to the certification, let’s take a look at ethical hacking.
Understanding ethical hacking
Ethical hacking refers to the practice of entering into one’s system with authority in order find vulnerabilities and take preventative, corrective and safe steps to avoid a system threat. It also aids government agencies in identifying potential national security risks. Ethical hacking helps to detect weaknesses in a company’s software protection or firewall. Let’s take a look at its benefits to find out more.
First, ethical hacking serves the primary purpose of protecting sensitive data in companies from others who would exploit them.
Second, real-world testing can help you improve your digital network security, and prevent security breaches.
Third, ethical hacking is a way to prevent terrorist attacks and cyber-terrorism while protecting the nation.
It will also help you to acquire new skills that can be used in a variety roles such as risk management, network defense, quality assurance tester, software developer, and so on.
It offers many employment opportunities for people who are looking to take on a new job or impress their employers.
Finally, ethical hackers have developed advanced tools and methods to accelerate the detection and elimination of all system vulnerabilities.
What is the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH Exam)?
Certified ethical hackers are skilled specialists who have the ability to find holes and vulnerabilities in target systems. In a legal and authorized manner, they use the same tools and information as a bad hacker in order to analyze the security status of the target system (s). A CEH certificate certifies that an individual is competent in the network security discipline known as Ethical Hacking. It is not required to be vendor-neutral.
The Certified Ethical Hacker program (CEH), however, helps information security professionals gain the basics of ethical hacking worldwide. This certification will also help you become a professional with the skills to inspect network infrastructures for security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a malicious hacker. This test helps you to assess an organization’s security by identifying network vulnerabilities.
Ethical hacking can include services such as the following:
Let’s now get into the details of certifications exam. This section will provide information about the exam format, the essential requirements and the most important topics for the exam.
Exam Details
These details will allow you to understand the exam requirements and the exam pattern. Let’s now understand the eligibility criteria and the pattern for ethical hacking exams.
First, the Certified Ethical Hacking exam is code (CEH).
Second, the exam takes approximately 4 hours.
The third part of the exam will include 125 questions.
The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), certification costs $850 USD.
The exam form can affect the exam score, which can vary from 60% to 85%.