Is the AZ-400 worth it?

AWS (Amazon Web Services), has been a leader in cloud computing for many years. Microsoft Azure is the fastest growing cloud computing platform and is rapidly catching up. Microsoft Azure is the preferred cloud computing platform for large organizations like Salesforce. It also has a number of notable contractual projects, such as the JEDI project by Pentagon. Azure’s market share is growing mainly due to the many services and functions that Microsoft continues to add to its offering. It has invested resources to improve its solutions in all cloud domains, including IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS(Platform as a Service), and SaaS (“Software as a Service”) Each of these areas share a common component: DevOps. This is where operations and development come together to create optimised cloud solutions.
Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions
Microsoft’s AZ400 certification exam is the final exam to pass before you can earn the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert credential. This credential confirms your expertise in the design, implementation, and maintenance of Microsoft DevOps solutions. This certification is for IT professionals who work with cloud solutions and are specialised in Microsoft offerings.
The AZ 400 certification is for professionals who need subject matter expertise when working with people, processes, tools, and technology to deliver continuous business benefit. These areas reflect Microsoft’s commitment to user-based solutions that exceed people’s expectations using technology-enabled processes.
You can better understand the AZ400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions exam by breaking it down into multiple domains. This will help you to focus more on principles such as collaboration, management, and integration. An AZ 400 certification does not only give you technical knowledge. It will help you understand how technology can be used to improve business efficiency and streamline operations.
Areas tested in the AZ-400 Certification Exam
The Microsoft DevOps Solutions certification exam tests a variety of skills and knowledge. You can break it down into seven modules. This broad knowledge base will help you determine your expertise level to earn the AZ400 certification. It will also tell you the skills you will have once you complete your training.
These are the seven domains and their respective weights in the AZ400 certification exam:
Developing an Instrumentation Strategy – 5% to 10%
Developing an SRE strategy (site reliability engineering) – 5% to 10 %
Management of a Compliance and Security Plain – 10% to 15%
Facilitating Collaboration and Communication – 10% to 15%
Implementing Continuous Integration – 20%