LinkedIn’s Top Skill 2018: “Cloud and Distributed Computing” LinkedIn published its list with the most in-demand skills for 2018. Cloud and Distributed Computing topped the list. LinkedIn, a business-oriented social network, analyzed data from over 500 million members to determine which hard skills are most needed by companies. LinkedIn listed similar jobs and their average salaries for cloud jobs, with Platform Engineer ($120,000) and Cloud Architect ($135,000). Although the list doesn’t include only tech jobs, they continue to dominate this ranking. LinkedIn stated that technology skills and jobs have dominated these lists year-over-year, and that this trend is likely to continue. “All jobs will likely require technical skills in the future. So make sure you brush up on the basics.” The No. 1 spot in the ranking of specific jobs (rather than skills) was Engagement Lead. Engagement Lead was the number one job, with a base salary of $93,000. The jobs list highlights those who have high median salaries, many job opportunities, and strong year-over–year growth. It also lists the jobs most likely lead to promotion or advancement, as well as the top five skills associated each job. Here are the top ten skills as published on LinkedIn.

  • Cloud and Distributed Computing
  • Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
  • Middleware and Integration Software
  • Web Architecture and Development Framework
  • User Interface Design
  • Software Revision Control Systems
  • Data Presentation
  • SEO/SEM Marketing
  • Mobile Development
  • Network and Information Security

Here are the top 10 most exciting jobs/salaries, as published by LinkedIn

  • Engagement Lead ($93,000).
  • Software Engineering Manager ($148,000).
  • Customer Success Manager (82,000)
  • Solutions Architect (134,000)
  • Sales Director ($145,000)
  • Engineering Manager (130,000)
  • Program Manager ($100,000)
  • Data Scientist (113,000)
  • Enterprise Account Manager ($180,000).

This post contains more information and methodology. LinkedIn also published a list with the top skills and related courses that you can learn them here.