New Training: Penetration testing tools. This 58-video entry-level training by SPOTO trainer Bob Salmans teaches security professionals the knowledge they need to recognize when to use various software and tools to enhance their penetration testing skills and understand the vulnerabilities of targets. Online Training in Penetration Testing Tools In the worlds of network and system security, there are few subjects that hold as much mystery or excitement as penetration testing. Penetration testing is a complex subject. A lot of the work is done using industry tools. They’re not mindless seek-and destroy missiles or fire-and forget, but they can replicate a lot the mystery surrounding penetration tests. Security technicians can learn how to conduct penetration tests and protect networks from real threats with this Penetration Testing Tools training. This eight-part series covers topics like identifying vulnerabilities and creating a plan to attack, exploiting targets discovered in scans, attacking devices, and deploying industry tools like Kali, network mapspers, password crackers and more. The training covers the following topics: Social Engineering Tools Metasploit Moduls Pentesting Reconnaissance Review, VLAN Hopping attacks Intro to Pentesting Evaluation This series includes 7 hours of training and 58 videos. Here’s more information from SPOTO: 10 Best Tools to Begin Pen Testing Penetration tests vs. Vulnerability scans: What is the difference? How to do penetration testing, vulnerability scanning Start learning penetration testing tools today! Download