New Training: Planning for AWS S3 Data Security

Bart Castle, SPOTO trainer, covers the knowledge cloud specialists need in order to ensure that Amazon S3 objects and buckets are secure, that resources that require privacy remain private, as well as how to limit access to S3 resources.
This AWS training is available.
Perhaps you’ve tried it a few times with small directories or you’ve been using a small cloud for a while. This Planning for AWS S3 Data Security training will help you to understand how to anticipate risks to buckets and objects.
These are the two skills that make up this training:
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Start trainingPlan for S3 Confidentiality Data Security
Plan for S3 Integrity & Availability Data Security

This two-part series covers topics like:
Glacier Vaults Policies and Vault Lock Policies
S3 Server-Side encryption: Client Key
Restrictions on S3 Public Access Account
Policies for the S3 Lifecycle
KMS Keys for S3 Server-Side Cryptography

This training includes:
1 hour of training
12 videos

You can watch a video from the series here:

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