New Training: Quality of service (QoS), Cisco Voice and Cisco Video

This intermediate training, 50-videos, by Jeff Kish, covers the knowledge network administrators must have to provide better service for Cisco networks that require voice and video capabilities.
This is the new Cisco training.
Quality of Service (or QoS) is a complex topic. It boils down to ensuring that traffic is delivered quickly enough to deliver services that require low latency, especially streaming video and real time collaboration technologies. Although there are many factors that go into seamless collaboration services, the most important is the networking. This QoS (Quality of Service) for Cisco Voice and Video training teaches learners how to identify and inspect every component of the network path and maximize its throughput to ensure high quality transmissions.
This eight-part series covers topics like assessing the quality of a network’s current service, analyzing its ability to provide sufficient quality service for voice and video, as well as configuring a network in order to optimize traffic and address silo QoS concerns.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
Describe Quality Problems
Describe DiffServ
Describe DiffServ Techniques
Describe the QoS requirements
Describe QoS Class Models
Describe QoS policies
Configure MQC & LLQ
Verify LLQ Configuration

This training covers the following topics:
Configuring class-maps
Congestion Avoidance
Voice Requirements
QoS Trust Boundaries
Review and Quiz

This training includes:
Training for 7 hours
50 videos

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