Gantt Charts: How to Use Gantt Charts in Your Agile Project

The Agile method was created to address inefficiencies in traditional project management methods, such as the Waterfall, in the software development industry. Agile techniques might be useful for certain types of projects. There is no rule that says you have to choose one method and stay with it. Let’s look at the differences between Agile … Read more

How to use TeamGantt’s different project views

Planners have always loved gantt charts. We know that not everyone is a gantt chart enthusiast. TeamGantt created different project views to make it easier to get everyone on board with one tool. This allows you to keep track of project status without having to use multiple tools. Let’s look at the perspectives you have … Read more

How to turn boring meetings into productive discussions

For a moment, pretend you are me. Let’s pretend you called a status conference at work and invited your team. The meeting was scheduled for Tuesday at 3pm. You gave the meeting agenda to your team and explained the purpose of the meeting. Then you informed your staff that it was optional. What would happen? … Read more

How to turn a tense client conversation into a win-win situation

You’ve probably been in this position before. Things are awkward when you’re talking to a client on the phone. Project progress has been on track. Communication was going well until now. You were a great project manager. You executed tasks, sent deliverables, and satisfied every expectation. But then things started to fall apart. First, there … Read more

How to Get Your Team Remote as Quickly As Possible

Recent announcements by Google, Facebook and Amazon regarding their Seattle staff were made to prevent the spread (COVID-19) of coronavirus (COVID-19) was made. Perhaps you have been thinking about a remote work plan for yourself and your team, but aren’t sure where to begin. TeamGantt has been 100% remote for over ten years. It’s a … Read more

CloudFront Custom SSL certificates

All CloudFront distributions are accessible through the domain name If you are using HTTP, you simply map your domain to using a Cname. CloudFront now supports custom SSL certificates to provide secure content through your domain. Click this URL to get started with Custom SSL certificates. Fill out the form to receive an … Read more

Cloud Trends 2022: AWS KMS Multi-Region key

AWS recently introduced AWS KMS MultiRegions Keys, which will allow you to replicate keys from one region to another. Multi-Regions allows us to move encrypted data easily from one region into another without the need to decrypt and reencrypt each Region with different keys. Table of Contents Multi-Region Key Primary Key Replica Key Replicate KMS … Read more

Cloud Data Security Service AWS Macie from Amazon

TABLE OF CONTENT 1. Introduction to AWS Macie2. AWS Macie 3. AWS Macie Setup Guide Conclusion5. CloudThat 6. FAQs1. Introduction to AWS Macie Amazon Macie was sent off in late spring 2017, undoubtedly causing a lot joy for cloud security engineers. Amazon Macie is a combination of strong security and consistent administration. It uses a … Read more