How Technology can help you improve your projects

Project managers face a lot of tasks every day. You have to manage your own workload and your team’s needs. It’s not surprising that technology is your best friend. It can give you tools and services that will help improve your management skills. They can help you be more productive, automate tasks, or support your … Read more

How to improve the integration of project management and accounting with ease

Budget and scheduling are the most important indicators of project success for project managers in the construction industry. McKinsey and Company recently published a report that revealed that large-scale building projects have an average scheduleoverrun of 20% and that budget overruns occur in 80% of these projects. Although budget and delivery are two different ways … Read more

How to Successfully Implement Project Management Software?

It can be very exciting to introduce project management software. This will allow you to bring all your project management efforts together under one roof. It can also be used to improve the coordination between team members and allow them to track the progress of individual tasks. It may be difficult for employees to use … Read more

How to identify performance issues in your team

How well the project manager manages performance issues within the team is a major factor in the success of any project. Poor performers and issues related to work are perhaps the most difficult task for project managers. We’ll show you how to identify performance issues and what to do about them. Poor performance can be … Read more

Scope Creep Definition and Examples

Scope creep can be a nightmare for project managers, leading to project delays, overbudgets, and even failure. Every project manager must be able to plan for changes in project scope and manage scope creep. What is scope creep? Let’s begin with the question “What is scope?” Scope refers to the project’s documented work plan and … Read more

Schedule Performance Index for PMP(r), Professionals

Ever wonder how PMP(r), professionals are so accurate in assessing projects? Project managers carefully evaluate each aspect of these projects to identify potential flaws, as projects can sometimes deviate from their baseline over the course of their life. This entire process requires the use of various project management tools. That is why PMP(r), professionals have … Read more

Characteristics of a Savvy Schedule

Characteristics of a Savvy Schedule A Scheduler can do the same thing as Finance staff. A scheduler must show proof of all work involved in project completion. A schedule can be presented in many ways with different levels of detail. Here is a checklist to help you identify a quality schedule. Communicate clearly A schedule … Read more

For greater success, have a safety net for your projects!

For greater success, have a safety net for your projects! Even in the best of circumstances, managing software projects can be challenging. You must balance the constraints of limited resources, time, unreasonable demands, and expectations of all stakeholders. Project management is the proper management of technology, people and business modules, as well as finances and … Read more

Rough order of Magnitude vs. Definitive estimate

What is the difference between these types of estimates? When is the best time for one to be used? Rough Order of Magnitude – What does it mean and when can I use it? When the project is still in its early stages, the ROM method of estimation is used. You are asked to give … Read more