PowerShell 7: New Training

This entry-level training video, 96 videos, is presented by SPOTO trainers Garth Schulte and Knox Hutchinson. It covers the fundamental knowledge systems administrators need in order to fully make use of the new features and tools in PowerShell.
This Powershell 7 training video is available.
This series consists of seventeen parts that cover everything you need to know regarding PowerShell. It introduces PowerShell 7’s many new features, including pipeline parallelization and new operators. It also covers PowerShell basics.
These are the skills that make up this series:
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Start trainingPowerShell 7 Introduction
PowerShell Basics
PowerShell 7: Need Help?
The Pipeline!
PowerShell 7: Control the flow
PowerShell 7 Modules: Beefing up PowerShell
PowerShell OS: Working with it
Powershell Data Management
PowerShell: Working with Web Content
PowerShell 7 allows you to manage Active Directory
PowerShell 7: Working with Azure
Conquer Common PowerShell Tasks
Creating Functions like a Boss
Scripting like a Ninja
Real-World Automation with PowerShell7
PowerShell 7 on Linux: Working with
Writing Intellisense to PowerShell Modules

This course was designed by the trainers to quickly get anyone up to speed with PowerShell so they can start automating and scripting.
Although this course does not directly correlate to an exam, sysadmins can expect to see PowerShell topics in many role-based Microsoft exams.
This training covers the following topics:
Get-Help, Updates-Help, and Save-Help
Web Operations – A Big Win
Writing a killer script
PowerShell 7 Overview

This training includes:
9 hours of training
96 videos

This PowerShell 7 training video shows you how to train:

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