Roadmap to Success: Google Cloud Platform, CP100A

Roadmap to Success is a series that helps learners understand certification pathways, career options associated with them, and the next steps beyond certification.
The Google Cloud Platform CP100A (GCP CP100A), is the entry-level training program for those who want to join the Google Cloud Platform universe. The demand for IT professionals with the right qualifications is increasing as more businesses adopt cloud solutions. The GCP CP100A training qualifies students for Google’s three learning pathways: solution developer, systems operations professional, and solution architect.
Google CertificationsGoogle’s certification structure is continuing to evolve as they develop more certifications (qualifications) and training partners. Google Cloud Platform certifications for IT professionals are tiered. They start at the 100-level and go up to the 200- and 3000-level qualifications.
100-level Training
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Start training. Training for 100-level content doesn’t include certification exams nor does it result in formal qualification. Prerequisite content for subsequent training to qualify is 100-level training
CP100A: Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals

200-level Training and Qualification
Google is currently developing exams to qualify for 200-level training. However, exams are not available as of this post’s publication.
CPO200: Google Cloud Platform For Systems Operations Professionals (CPO).
CPA200: Google Cloud Platform Architect (CPA) Fundamentals
CPB200: Google Cloud Platform BigData (CPB)

Although there are no exams at this time for the 100- or 200 level training, learners are encouraged and encouraged to go through the training sequentially to build the foundational knowledge and skills needed for the 300-level training.
300-level Training and Qualification
Final, 300-level training can be associated with formal certification exams. Each of the five Google Cloud Platform Developer exams is passed by learners who will be awarded the Google Cloud Platform Qualified Developer title.
CPE301: Qualification Exam for Google App Engine (GAE).
CPE302: Google Cloud Storage Qualification Exam
CPE303: Cloud SQL Qualification Examination
CPE304 BigQuery Qualification Exam
CPE305: Google Compute Engine Qualification Exam

Google Cloud Platform CP100A – GCP CP100A. The Google Cloud Platform CP100A CP100A (GCP CP100A ) training is intended to be the entry point for those who are interested in gaining control of Google Cloud Platform. The GCP CP100A training is the first prerequisite in the Systems Operations Professional Learning Path. It enables learners to deploy, migrate, maintain, and manage applications in the cloud. The GCP CP100A training objectives are online (free resource). They include topics such:
Understanding the differences between IaaS and PaaS
Compute Engine is used to deploy a container-based environment for an application.
Deploying an app to App Engine that uses Memcache
Compare GCP storage options: Cloud Storage; Cloud SQL; and
BigQuery allows you to interactively query log data streamed by Google Cloud Logging.

Although the GCP CP100A training doesn’t require an exam to pass, Garth Schulte will be teaching a new course. SPOTO’s new and in-progress courses will show Garth’s progress over the coming weeks.
Although there are no prerequisites to the GCP CP100A training we recommend that learners have a basic knowledge of command-line tools and one or more programming languages (e.g. Java or Python).
Exam DetailsThere are currently not exams for 100-level training.
The Next StepLearners who have started their training journey with GCP CP100A, will most likely continue their journey with CPO200: Google Cloud Platform For Systems Operat