Smoking is going out of style

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Smoking is going out of stylePeople have been smoking for hundreds of years, but over the last few decades, cigarette usage has fallen rather dramatically, especially in many first world countries such as the United States. On the whole, this is great news and people should rejoice. The decline has been statistically significant, and generally, this can be attributed to a couple different things.

The most obvious one is public awareness about how harmful smoking can be. This is limited to not just public service announcements, but also to educational programs taught at schools and other community centers. Journalists are also responsible for disseminating important information about health risks. And of course, there is the information available online, which has empowered many smokers and allowed them to learn about the full extent of the health risks they are taking. The Internet has also proven itself to be a useful tool in terms of assisting people with finding methods of quitting. Youtube, for example, features hundreds of videos sharing the techniques that worked for them. This can help not just from a knowledge perspective, but also as an emotional aid. When someone knows and witnesses someone else succeeding at something, they start to feel that maybe they can accomplish the same thing.
Another phenomenon that should not be overlooked is the fact that there has emerged a very prominent replacement to smoking. By this, I am referring to vaping (which is the act of using an e-cigarette). At first, e-cigarettes caught on much more quickly in other countries such as China. But after a few years, e-cigarettes usage in the United States has grown quite significantly. Today, the U.S. has the largest vaping population in the world, with some 9 million users. As far as I can see, this number will only grow larger and larger as more people quit smoking.
If you are currently a smoker, the least you can do is give e-cigarettes a try. They cost less than regular cigarettes, so you won’t be risking much money at all. The most difficult part of switching is probably figuring out how to use e-cigarettes, since things can feel a bit intimidating at first. I suggest getting a starter kit from a trusted e-cig business such as White Cloud Ecigs. That won’t get you the most advanced e-cigarettes, but it will give you all you need to launch your vaping experience. I like White Cloud due to its simplicity, and new users should consider buying from them for this very reason. No doubt, you will make many upgrades and customizations down the road, as we all do. Because of the hassle, you may as yourself, "why bother?" The most important reason I can think of is your health. No, e-cigarettes are not without risks. But compared to smoking, almost all people in the know will tell you that e-cigarettes are far less harmful. So even if we don’t have all the facts yet, you’re better off making the switch and saving yourself from injesting things like smoke and tar.
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