Sumerian, Amazon’s 3-D Developer Platform is Exiting Preview

Developers can now try 3-D modeling with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Sumerian, first introduced at last November’s AWS reInvent conference as a preview product, became generally available this week.
Sumerian was created by AWS as a browser-based workspace that allows developers to create 3-D environments for virtual- or augmented-reality apps.
Sumerian is available in AWS. AWS claims that developers don’t need to have a lot of knowledge about 3-D design (including lighting and animation) to use the platform. AWS calls Sumerian Hosts pre-built 3-D objects, backgrounds, and characters. Users can also choose to import their own 3-D assets.
Sumerian’s visual scripting software allows developers to customize these 3-D objects. They can change the gender, appearance, or speech of a host, and also set rules for how an object or host behaves in response.
Sumerian can be integrated with other AWS services such as DynamoDB and Lambda, Polly, Lex, and Polly. Sumerian scenes can be used across multiple platforms and devices according to AWS. “Scenes can also be viewed on compatible VR headsets (HTC Vive Pro, HTC Vive Pro and Oculus Rift), AR compatible iOS devices and Android mobile devices, laptops and digital signage.”
Compatibility with browsers that support WebGL and WebVR JavaScript APIs is also possible for Finished Sumerian Projects
You can find more information about Sumerian, including pricing details and availability by AWS region.