Thanks to Kemp Technologies, here 1 come Secunia

Thank you Kemp Technologies
Today was my last day at Kemp Technologies
It was a pleasure to be part the KEMP Technologies team. It’s time for me to move on. I worked with some great professionals, and I will continue to love and support KEMP as an individual.
Next is Secunia, emt Holding, who will be moving to Dubai on December 14, as Chief Information Security Officer
Comodo Cybersecurity joins as CISO
I am thrilled to announce my joining the Comodo family. I am excited to work with Melih Abdulhayoglu (our new CEO), and Dave Karp (our new Chief Strategy Officer) as well as the heroes of Comodo, Fatih Ohan, Mehmet Ozer Mein, Alan Knepfer, and each member of our Comodo team.
Customers need a better, more integrated, and cheaper way to prevent the onslaught attacks!
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Below is my career summary for those who don’t know me:
Role Company Location
Comodo’s innovative cybersecurity platform renders cyberattacks impossible across all platforms, including the web, LAN and cloud.
Customers can use the Comodo Dragon platform to protect their data and systems against any military-grade threat, including zero-day attacks. It is highly efficient in addressing ransomware attacks. CSS is a New Jersey-based company that has been protecting sensitive data for consumers and businesses worldwide for over 20 years. CSS set out to be the global leader in endpoint security in 2018.
CSS technology is precise, robust, and tailored to solve problems quickly and without undue stress. It gives an instant verdict on any file status, which can be used by software or human analysts to determine the best course of action. CSS is unique because it makes it possible to go from reactive to proactive. It allows you to protect all areas of business activity and threat – from network to web to cloud – with confidence and efficacy.
This technology is fast and competent, ensuring a seamless user experience that promotes customer trust. It recognizes a crucial reality: While you cannot stop all malware, you can make malware inoperable.
Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions to Make Attacks Ineffective
The Problem
Some things are inevitable in life, and malware is one of those things. Experts estimate that each day, approximately one million new malicious software, including worms, Trojans and worms, is being created by emerging viruses, worms, Trojans, or other malicious “wares.” Many cybersecurity vendors promise protection against all threats, but they don’t. No one can.
Businesses and individuals must understand that malware cannot always be blocked successfully. Undiscovered threats are now a reality in the digital age. This means that a holistic and innovative approach to protecting yourself against the formidable enemy is required.
The EffectData surveys give a glimpse at how far down today’s malware attack cycle has traveled, and the results are alarming at best. Companies continue to focus on “protection” and ignore the redundancy or inability of their security layers, which results in a porous security position with limited capabilities.
An attack cycle is made up of four key stages.
Delivery of malwarePre-executionRuntime as malware attempts to executePost-damage remediationWhile a great deal of this threat can be prevented in the first phase, the defense in depth ability to block malware execution in real time–and repair the damage–hovers around 85%. This is not enough to defeat the greatest enemy in the world of comp