Top 5 Technology Trends to Follow in 2020

Information Technology is constantly changing. In the past, we relied on dictionaries to find complicated word meanings. Google is our blessing. It not only simplifies the search process, but also saves us time and effort.
Although technological advances are affecting business growth, they also contribute to huge skill gaps. Businesses often prefer to reskill or upskill employees to reduce costs than to hire new talent. IT professionals need to improve their skills to advance in their career. This blog will highlight the top five most important technology trends for 2020 that will have a major impact on the IT industry over the next few years.
1. Cognitive Cloud Computing
Cognitive Cloud is a way to think of “man-machine together in one component.” It has enabled computers to function as human brains and become intelligent. Businesses are using cognitive cloud computing solutions and applications in their business processes. Cognitive Cloud uses self learning technologies for natural language processing and data mining to mimic the brain’s workings.
Expected job growth in 2020
According to Gartner Talent Neuron there are 50,248 jobs in cloud computing in the U.S. alone and 101,913 worldwide.
According to Forrester Research, the global market for cloud computing is expected to grow from $40.7 million in 2011 to $241 million in 2020. NetCom Learning offers a highly-demanded training program that will help you become a better brand advocate for your company.
This Technology is being Invested in by Companies
To keep up with market trends, futuristic IT giants like Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Cisco, and Cisco have already begun investing in cognitive cloud computing.
Salary Trends
Forbes reports that the average salary for cloud computing professionals is over $100,000 per year. According to Indeed, the average annual salary for cloud professionals is $102,000.
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2. DevOps
DevOps is still a strong presence on the list of top-trending technology every year. This technology’s core involves skills like development, testing and incorporation, deployment, examination, and evaluation.
2020 Job Growth Expected
The world is witnessing a tremendous growth in DevOps. However, research shows that by 2021, more than half of market leaders will need DevOps certified specialists for roles such as Delivery Heads and PMOs.
Based on the adoption and implementation of this technology, the industry expects a 75% increase in the demand for DevOps professionals.
This Technology is being Invested in by Companies
Businesses will be able to deliver services faster, manage better, and resolve critical issues more quickly with DevOps in 2020. DevOps is also helping to make artificial intelligence possible. All these reasons have led to DevOps continuing to attract the attention of market leaders like Capgemini and NASA, Netflix, and Dell.
Salary Trends
DevOps professionals should expect a significant rise in job offers and changes in their roles within their organization. The average package range for DevOps engineers is between$104,000 to $129,230, according to the salary statistics.
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3. Internet of Things (IoT).
DevOps is also continuing to be at the top of technology lists every year, and IoT is no exception. We can see the future and predict that there will be 75 billion IoT-based gadgets in 2020. Edge computing is also being paved by the IoT. Companies must develop their infrastructure according to the patterns of edge design. Only then can organizations survive in this highly competitive and volatile marketplace.
2020 Job Growth Expected
There will be more than 200k openings for IoT professionals, particularly engineers, as the IoT market expands. Immersat Research Programme found that 47% of companies lack the necessary IoT professionals and rely entirely on outsourcing. This is a lack of Ski.