How to Master AWS Architect In 30 Days: Dos & Don’ts

Solution architects are responsible for providing services to business operations and activities. They can solve front-end, backend, and cloud problems. Amazon Web Service Architect offers the best services to clients based upon their requirements for web services technologies, virtual server, and choice of service. These architects are available 24/7, 365 days a year.
Amazon Web Service Certified Solution Architect is a highly sought-after qualification. To achieve AWS certification, however, you must pass the qualifying exam. The exam is scenario-specific and requires a lot of IT knowledge to correctly answer the questions.
Why do companies use AWS
AWS is very cost-effective as it allows users to pay per service. AWS is trusted by many companies, including Netflix. AWS has an offshore infrastructure that protects client data. AWS is constantly updating its framework in order to deal with potential internet threats.
Mastering AWS Architect within 30 Days: The Dos
Learn the basics of AWS

AWS can offer a lot of potential. It is important to learn about AWS and its business model. You should also consider whether this career path is something you are interested in. Ask yourself if this is a career path that you are interested in.
Register for class

The AWS exam is just like any other competitive exam. To crack it, you will need mentors and guidance. You can take online or offline classes to learn how to pass the exam. Before you enroll in an AWS certification course, take a look at the other options.
Study a book or a study guide

There are many books available at both Amazon bookstores and offline bookstores that will help you prepare for the AWS exam. AWS has undergone significant updates. You can’t rely on the books alone, as they are often older versions. Books can be a great way to get started with AWS and how it works.
Concentrate on one area of expertise in AWS Architect

AWS provides many services to individuals and institutions. It is important to be familiar with all services AWS offers. Aspirants should be able to master at least one area of service. Find your passion and learn as much as you can. Do not let yourself become a “jack of all trades, master in none”.
Solve practice questions

Practice tests will help you to understand the exam format. These tests will help you determine if your preparation is on track. You will also be able to understand important topics. You will also be able to time your performance and evaluate your writing speed by solving the test papers.
Make it a daily routine

It is almost impossible to remember everything. Your brain will eventually develop muscle memory if you do the same thing over and over again. Keep in mind that your brain will register your learning if you continue to practice. You don’t have to memorize complex technical analogies and jargon. Your brain will do the rest. Make it a habit to revise and take a mock test every day.
Get familiar with AWS Labs

You can practice inside the AWS console. To gain hands-on experience in AWS, you can open an AWS free account. This lab will teach you how to use AWS services in real-world scenarios.
Research papers

To keep up to date with the latest developments in AWS, you can read AWS research papers (also known as whitepapers). You can also keep track on announcements and provide feedback on research questions and developments. Reading research papers will increase your chances to pass the exam.
Track your learning

Hard work is always rewarded. Keep track of your progress and keep a log of your marks. These records will help to track your progress and give you a sense of how far you have come. These records will motivate you to work harder to achieve your goals.
Mastering AWS Architect within 30 Days: The Do’s and Don’ts
Don’t stress

It can be overwhelming to read research papers and practice mock tests. But, keep calm. It can be difficult to prepare for the exam, which can have a negative impact on your health. You should have a good balance between work and study. You can easily neglect your health when you are preparing for competitive exams. This can cause you to feel overwhelmed and even discouraged. So, don’t stress.
Do not tire yourself

Amazon may be something you have always wished to work for. Your hard work won’t be worth anything if your body doesn’t cooperate on D-day. You must get enough sleep. You should not sacrifice your health while preparing for the exam.
Do not be a muggle

AWS is constantly updating its technology and data. Therefore, you won’t be able to memorize the answers to the exam. Instead, you should improve your creative and critical thinking skills. It is important to answer questions based upon real-life situations. It is highly recommended that you stop mugging up t