Top 6 Reasons to Learn Power BI The Right Way

Have you ever received a notification by your favorite store to make a discount on your birthday? Have you ever wondered how your favorite store’s ads know what’s on your mind?
Every day, businesses use a lot of raw data that can be used to generate valuable business insights. These data are used to identify patterns and generate key business information. Data is a treasure trove of knowledge that can be turned into valuable information that can be used to help organizations make profitable decisions in order to achieve their business objectives.
Still, wondering how PowerBI (Business Intelligence)Training can help your organization or not?This blog will walk you through the following topics to demonstrate the value of Power BI training in yourorganization:
How is Business Intelligence used?

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI Features

Why Power BI – Top6Reasons

Power BI Training is a must

These are just a few of the many.
How is Business Intelligence used?
BI is used by organizations to make their raw data more useful and more profitable. Business Intelligence’s primary goal is to use data in a way that makes it more effective and efficient for organizations to make better decisions. The tools and technology for BI have advanced dramatically over the past decade. Employees across the company have found it easier to gain insights from a business intelligence platform. This means that Microsoft Power BI training is available to all business areas and departments, regardless of their technical backgrounds. This fosters a data-driven culture throughout the organization.
Power BI
Power BIis a cloud-based business intelligence technology that includes tools and services for enterprises. It includes business intelligence (BI), data visualization, reporting, and business intelligence (BI). This BI tool takes raw data from a source and transforms it into meaningful data. It then uses it to create interactive dashboards and reports, and visuals for data analysis. Visual data is easy to understand by simply looking at it in the form charts, maps, graphs and KPIs.
Microsoft Power BI provides both data visualization as well as business intelligence functions through apps, software services and data connectors.
Power BI is very user-friendly because it allows drag and drop and provides datasets for visualization in form of dashboards or shareable reports.
Microsoft Power BI Features
Power BI has a wealth of analysis and visualization features. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful and unique features of PowerBI:
1.Appealing Visualizations
Visualization is a key component of any BI technology. Power BI gives users a wide range of options and customizable visualizations to choose from. To represent their data sets, users can create dashboards or reports that use complex visualizations. Here are some visualization options you can use in Power BI.
Chart with stacked bar/column

Chart with clustered bars/columns

Pie chart

Ribbon chart

Waterfall chart

Donut chart

Scatter chart

Funnel chart


Gauge chart

2. Get Data (Data Source).
This is a great feature that allows users to retrieve data from many sources, whether they are on-premises or cloud-based, structured, unstructured, or both. These include Excel, Access and PDF, Azure, MySQL Databases, SQL Server, Text/CSV and XML. Dataflows are also available.
3. Flexible tiles and customizable dashboards
Power BI dashboards are made up of a number of tiles. A tile is a visual block that shows data. These tiles can be adjusted in size or position according to the user’s preference. These dashboards can be printed and shared with multiple tiles.
4. Navigation Pane
This feature allows users to conveniently navigate between reports, datasets, and dashboards.Thisfeaturenot only helps the users to find content easily but also helps them to understand the relationships between different reports and dashboards.
5. Natural Language Q&A
This unique feature allows users to ask questions in natural language, search for information and data they are looking for.
These features, and many others, are covered in detail in theMicrosoft PowerBI trainingprogram.

Why Power BI – Top6Reasons
Every organization strives for something extra in a highly competitive market like ours. Business Intelligence is a valuable tool that allows businesses to gain a competitive edge. Here are the reasons why every company should invest in it.
1. Real-time analysis
Power BI allows you to connect data sources directly for real-time analysis. Data is updated every second and can be accessed by Power BI for real-time analysis.